When using kiosks to send and receive customer data you will want to ensure your system is fully secure.

This is the default setting on BRM - though under certain circumstances you may choose to relax these measures.

With security settings enabled you will need to PAIR each device you want to connect to a particular slot.

In order to complete pairing that device will need to:

  1. open up the URL for that device slot.  (type it in, or scan the QR code from target device)
  2. Then type in the PIN number for that device slot.

Once those 2 steps have been completed that device (and only that device) is paired to that slot, until you delete or disable the pairing.

To connect a different device you will need to either create a new slot.

Or delete the existing slot and start the process again.

This diagram demonstrates what you want to end up with:

2 device slots - which each one securely paired with a specific device.

Before you pair a device to a device slot please ensure that you have enabled the device:

When you pair the device, and have opened up the link on that device, you will see a message like this:

Please note when you PAIR a specific device - a tablet, a phone, a computer only that device can continue to be used.

(that is the point of enhanced security)

However if you want a different device to pair then add it to your list and repeat the pairing process for that device.

A word about PIN codes.  

They are for you to set and reset.   Chose whatever digits you want. It is not important what PIN code you use as long as you keep them secret.   No device can pair unless they know the PIN code that you declare for that device.

Similarly if you wanted to disable a device's access - e.g. if lost or stolen, then disable that device.

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