Graphing your rentals

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Graphing your Rentals

This article explains how you can analyse your rental season and view it graphically.

There are two main types of graph;
  • Rentals & Revenue per Month
  • Rentals & Revenue per Asset

You can choose your time range by selecting actual dates - or the quick selectors using Filters.

So where does BRM get the data and what does it mean?

let's take the rentals per month.  
Each night BRM crunches the number for all stores and aggregates them into monthly totals.

Sometimes people say, "but hang on it doesn't match my transaction totals".
Well, it won't. The monthly rental data gives you the total value of your rentals for each month.
This should match the amount on the search page if you were to search for all rentals in that given month.
ie the corresponding totals of these two pages should match:
(note the total number of rentals may not match as the search list contains cancelled rentals too)

BUT it won't necessarily match your transaction data. Because transaction data is recording actual payments that occur.
If you have a June rental, it may be part paid in April, with the balance in June. So don't expect reservation data to always match transaction data.

Here is an example of monthly revenue & usage graph, per bike;

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