The BRM implementation hierarchy

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setting up large shops on BRM

If you have a large operation (more than a few hundred bikes for example) you may want to consider the following.

You probably need to gradually work towards a full BRM implementation in stages. Don't try and run before you can walk. We understand that trying to 'go digital' with a large operation can be fairly complex as there are so many things involved:

  1. people (understanding, training, resistance to change!)
  2. hardware (right kit in the right place, networks etc)
  3. software (getting BRM set up right etc)
  4. bikes - labelled up etc

Sometimes we work with very large organisations who have been operating manually for many years. They have also been trying to 'go digital' for years, but projects have often stumbled or failed. Many times this because they haven't found the right software, but many times it is because they simply try and go too fast.

You have to look at what you're currently doing. Do you actually identify your bikes individually? Or do you simply rent until you have no more left? Do you take advanced reservations or do you just do walk-in trade? If it's the former then you have quite a way to catch up. But don't worry you can do it quite quickly, in stages.

The first step towards a fully digital rental system is to identify each of your bikes, normally so that humans and computers can read them (using barcode scanners). This is what we call inventory management.

Then you can think about what state of readiness your bikes are in. This is what we call the maintenance layer.

Only then are you ready to start taking and managing reservations against this inventory.

Finally, when you have that all in place you can consider offering online bookings on your website.

In a similar way to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, you can only build successive layers of the pyramid when the lower ones are in place.

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