You will want to make some test bookings online, as soon as you have added inventory, so you can get an idea of the flow that your customers will experience.

You can access it directly from the Booking Channels icon, in the top-right menu of the system.

The new customer booking experience

You will see what your customers will see (when you have published it)- start by choosing their dates & times.

Choose a Category

When they select a category - using the selector at the top, they are presented with all the choices for this category (product families in our terminology)

When a product family is selected, the user is presented with available sizes for this product family, which can be added to their shopping cart.  (these sizes represent product lines in our terminology)

When the user clicks 'Add' they are presented with the choice of any extras that go with that bike:

Having chosen any 'extras' they proceed to press 'Enter Customer Details' (if there are any for the store) which take them to this screen;

On clicking that button, the user will see the item added to their cart, along with any extras and or rider information.

When the user has selected all of their items they can 'continue' to checkout & complete the booking.

Clicking on the basket will show all items they have selected, along with any item-level extras per bike.

When the user selects 'Continue' they will start the checkout process

They are invited to confirm their details (according to what data you have decided to ask about them).

They are given a summary.

They are shown your Terms and Conditions.

When they click 'edit' in the 'Your Details' area, they are invited to supply personal information.

(You can change the questions you ask by configuring your customer data here)

Having supplied details, and having read and accepted your Terms the customer is ready to complete the booking:

Here is what will happen when the booking is made:

a booking reference is shown.  (this will normally be a provisional booking that has been made in your store)

Finding the new Reservation in your back-office

Finally - you will want to go into your back-office and find your rental:

Reservations > Search Mode

In this example I hit the New Button which returned the online booking I just made:

(it is marked with a 'client channel' of 'cbp' to differentiate it from other reservation types)

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